Once again I've been hoarding my wishes and not sharing with you dear readers and sharing is what this season is all about, so here goes:

Dec 24:  I wish for food
that ‘blurs the line between eating and sex (quote from a movie but I can't remember which one)!

DSC02908 Christmas Eve: we laughed and gave
and received. We celebrated with a meal cooked with love, creativity,
and pride by Chef Brin! 

Dec 25: I wish to be love in action. DSC02919

Dec 26:  I wish for these R’s:
rest, reflection, renewal, regifting. 😉

Dec 27:  I wish for the joy and adventure of browsing for books. I love Barnes & Noble! After much indecision I chose to spend my gift certificate on Diana Gabaldon's newest: An Echo in the Bone. Claire and Jamie Fraser are characters I've adored for decades!

Dec 28:  I wish for connections and celebrations with new/old friends: we three L's and our hubbies met for a cookout and perfect evening of delicious laughter, food, and company.

Dec 29: I wish for safe travel for me and my loved ones—plus the ideal meet-up at the end of the travel. I drove to Orlando to meet two more childhood friends from the Bahamas that I haven't seen in several years: Shirley flew in from San Diego and Kat drove form Vero Beach. I loved catching up with them, hugging them, and of course eating delectable's with them for several hours. 😉 I love you my friends and treasure our connections!

Dec 30: I wish for letting go.

Dec 31: I wish for new traditions for my new family. The three of us: me, Jeff, and mom, drove to get ice-cream at Brewster's last night and then to the town square to see the lights and people watch all the couples and families dressed to the nines for New Year's Eve dinners and parties. We even saw Brin but lost her in the crowd! We met Katie, a Goldendoodle dog, she was as soft and sweet as cotton candy.

I wish you 365 days of love in 2010.