I've been considering getting a tattoo since I turned forty. HA! That was seven years ago and I still haven't committed. Back then I suggested to Brin that we get the same tattoo and she loved the idea. She already has beautiful butterflies and a huge tree on her back with 'imagine' in its branches. She mentioned 'our' tattoo the other day so I've been pondering my procrastination. One of my friends recently opened Ocala Ink & More for tattoos, body piercing, and more. Next my co-worker showed me a gorgeous Hope tattoo (her first) on the inside of her wrist that she designed. Finally this week Jeff showed me a website that had photos of tattoos made with ultraviolet reactive ink so they only show up under a black light. Kinda cool, eh?

This feels big—it is a forever decision. Tattoos remind me of the novel The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant where 16th century sisters find an unsettling and intimate tattoo on an elderly nun's body after she dies. Loved this story!

One day I want a tree. One day a poem. Maybe a quote. I want it to be intentional and embody a life lesson like: choose love. Choosing is the hardest part. And then there's the decision of where I want it. Private just for me or am I declaring to the world and puttting it right out there? Is a tattoo's significance related to where it is placed on one's body? I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts dear reader—if you do or don't have a tattoo, why or why not? If you do—how did you choose what and where to place it? Does it still speak to you over the years? Would you do it again?

This tree of knowledge with it's roots wrapped around a book really resonates with me:

  Tree and book