Mom and I went thrift shopping for an hour this afternoon. I’ve
been boxing and bagging things to donate to the Humane Society thrift shop and
still have too much. Anyone who knows me or has seen my bookcases knows my
mantra: books are forever. Period. Yet I actually parted with a dozen books
from a dozen years ago. They were mostly self help, new-agey type books, and ya
know they just didn’t speak to me anymore and it was easy to let them go. A
dozen books doesn’t create that much
physical space on my shelves but it made a space in my life of awareness of how
much I’ve grown and transformed. I’m really not the person who read those

Book stack The thrift shop had a fifty percent off sale and guess what
I found? Books of course! Four hardcover books by four of my favorite authors
for only fifty cents a piece—brand-new-never-even-read hardcover books. My new used
books look great in their new space!

I wish you space in your home, your life, and your heart.
Imagine all the ways you can fill them or simply revel in the new roomy you.