I wish that I am always able to be there for my daughter
even though it’s tough to watch her fall. I love her truly, madly, deeply and I
know she is an amazing and capable young woman. Sometimes we all make mistakes—especially
in our youth. Brin fell in the bathroom on Saturday and knocked her front teeth
loose, not out, but definitely loose. It makes me cringe just thinking about
it. When I have nightmares it often involves loosing my teeth or my teeth being
loose, not the pain but something about the loss
of my teeth is overwhelming. Watching my child grow from mistakes and accidents is harder than experiencing them myself.


Teeth xray We’ve learned if the roots aren’t damaged teeth amazingly
can reseat themselves. We’ll know more after x-rays tomorrow and which ones
need to be capped from being chipped.


I’m using two
days of wishes to wish for good news from the dentist!