Prior to my weight loss journey I used to eat out often and
to excess. Now I find that I’d rather cook, which is a revelation! When I do
feel like a splurge I eat fried shrimp or lasagna—foods I don’t cook at home.
Yes, I still eat my favs but not often and I don’t overeat when I do have them.
I’ve learned that a little goes a long way; a few bites or tastes can often satisfy
a craving.

Obviously fast food restaurants don’t work for my eating
preferences: nutritious, fresh, organic whenever possible, and unprocessed. Subway
is one of the few food chains that meet several of my priorities and I enjoy veggies
on honey oat bread weekly.

I’m a homebody and
work from home so my food is only a room away. When I go out either thrift
Grapes shopping with mom or running errands where I end up at the Y for my workout the
smartest habit I’ve created is that of taking
food with me
. I may think I won't get hungry while I'm out but I know I will. I have the perfect oversized insulated lunch bag and fill it
with bottled water, yogurt, granola, fruit, crackers, cereal, and a Weight Watchers
treat. Traveling with mom invariably takes longer than I anticipate so I pack
her favorites as well and if I know we’ll be gone over lunchtime I make our
lunch as well as snacks so we can stop and enjoy a picnic.

Planning ahead takes time and commitment. It was a pain in the butt at first. The big picture is
it saves both my health and money and is an act of extreme self care to think
of and take action to meet my needs and support myself in this way. These little acts of self care and kindness have a big impact!

I’d love to hear how you practice extreme self care around how
you eat.