I’ve been thinking about volunteering; how, where, and what I’d like to do. Locally where I would physically show up to give back?  Hospice, Salvation Army, Humane Society, Endangered Animal Rescue Service (EARS) or Marion Therapeutic Riding Association (MTRA). So many options—I've been listening for my wise self to direct me.

When my daughter was a teenager we both volunteered at MTRA. I had worked with kids with autism, loved horses and also wanted to do a bonding activity with Brin. It was hard work and we were outside in the weather but the rewards were priceless. Kids and animals usually make an excellent match—special kids and ideal horses make magic.

This is how the Universe nudges me in my world. I think about volunteering, maybe mention it to Jeff or a friend in conversation, ponder the idea in my journal. Last week I picked up an old journal of my poems and tucked in the back on a piece of scrap paper was a poem I'd scratched out about a special little boy riding a huge draft horse while I volunteered at MTRA. I was a side walker for beautiful Spencer who was seven and had physical and mental challenges. The team has a head-walker and two sidewalkers one on each side of the horse and sometimes a rider to sit behind the child. It really does take a Village. I really did enjoy being a part of that magic Village.

Here’s the poem I penned about Spencer and Suzie after experiencing a glimpse of love in action that day:

Blonde downy hairs on his calf
I stroke his leg—at my eye level
to say hello.
I look closer, up and up
I find his wide-open eyes
I look deeply for Spencer.

He peers down at me
from his high brown throne.
Out of the corners of his eyes
he meets mine.
And grins.
Mouth wide
head rolling back and back
to drink in the sky.

Who would have thought
his tiny body astride
her warm broad back
Would trigger pure bliss and delight?

A horse meant to pull a ton
carries a feather of a treasure.
Hello Spencer.