My kid and I, okay she's a twenty something kid, we have our ups and downs and ins and outs, ya know? Since mom came to live with us, an entire month ago, yah it feels like eons some days, Brin has stepped up to be there for me, Jeff, and mom. I truly appreciate her help, I'm committed to my own self care and couldn't accomplish it as well without her support. I wish for her to know how much her being there means to me.

Monday nights I go to a Landmark seminar in Orlando and try and leave at 4pm when she gets off work; this week Jeff wanted to come to get away as well. On Sunday when I reminded her she said uh oh that's the night of our Christmas party at work! If she wanted to go I understood and would change my plans. She said no it's okay I said I'd stay with Gramma. I still felt sad that she was missing the celebration but I was impressed by her keeping her word.

IStock_000004411446XSmall That night she worked late and flew in the door at 5pm and said she had told them at work she had to stay with Gramma and they said, "Bring Gramma!"…"So can she come?" These are her friends, co-workers and bosses, and that she was willing to include mom is so touching. She's a waitress so it was casual and they were having a pot luck after the restaurant closed. She chose to play big and create a win-win possibility for everyone! That's integrity and love in action; she was her word with everyone and took a stand for herself. How empowering and inspiring!

They fed Gramma dessert after dessert and all mom could talk about was how much they all laughed and how much fun she had—they got home after we did at midnight! <grin> That's my kid! And that's the best Christmas gift ever! I love you Brin.