What is the definition of fun? The things I may think are a blast others would look at me sideways thinking that’s fun? So is it the activity or our attitude? Is having fun
Hulahoop simply a choice?  Jeff and I couldn’t sleep the other night and ended up having a fun filled conversation about the definition of fun. We don’t often find the same things fun at all but he’s much more patient with my odd fun pursuits; like exercise or browsing a bookstore for hours. ;)  Fishing is fun for him and boring for me unless I have a book to read.  We both think reading is fun, watching movies, connecting and sharing our dreams, biking together is fun, cooking together in our small kitchen has to be fun or we’d resort to only dining out—he has space issues and I have a tiny wee control issue.

So is fun what you make it? Is it any different than choosing to be happy or joyful? My happiness isn’t dependent on outside circumstances so why would my fun be? Can fun really be defined? My Webster’s says fun is ‘an activity that is amusing or playful’—heck that could literally be anything; counting train cars, juggling, snowball fights, waiting in line at the DMV! 

Fun I’m on a thirty-one day adventure to have fun and discover what fun is, for me and others, and open my mind to the possibility that anything can be fun!  Won’t YOU join in the FUN at Thirty-one Days of Fun brought to us by the fun and exciting Stacy Brice!