You know that feeling of flitting hoards of butterflies that
swarm in your belly when you’re excited or nervous? That’s what I felt whenever
I shared my true self. So I stopped sharing. Today, the fear is still there but it’s
not in control. Fear has kept me safe for forty-five years—I’m ready to be
fearless! This blog is a way to face that fear and make it disappear—being courageous is feeling the
fear and doing it anyway!

My original intention for blogging was to share my journey
of transforming my body: by living, eating, and exercising consciously I’ve
lost fifty pounds and maintained my weight for a year. My What’s Next group helped me see
that this blog was so much bigger than that. I’ve transformed who I am and
I realized that’s the journey I want to share.

During the What’s Next, What’s Now retreat I joyfully sat together with eight
other amazing, creative, talented, vivacious women and we created
vision boards. The purpose of a vision board is be a map or guide to where
you’re going, what it will take to get there, and the sights you’ll see on your
journey. A vision of what you'll create. We used stacks of magazines to tear out words and photos that
resonated with us and let them speak to our souls and lead the way. Wielding glue sticks and with loads of laughter (and snacks) we followed.

My vision board was specifically for my blog, to focus on how
to share authentically. How to make a difference in peoples lives: contributing
in a meaningful way, impacting lives so people are empowered to take action
on their dreams. Being a source of inspiration.

Vision board As I trimmed pictures and fit words together it became clear
to me this truly was much more than a blog I was breathing into life. This was
my story. My life. To give, to share, to be open and vulnerable while
connecting with others completes me.

I rearranged the pictures and words several times for the
best fit—until it resonated with me, became uniquely mine, reflected my soul,
and made my heart smile. The same as I’m doing with my words as I write this
now, the same as I have done with my life. It never occurred to me the title of
my blog would be born from my vision board. These words capture my experiences
and the journey I’ve just begun: Hungry for Life!