In 2005, I was searching for the next chapter in work that I loved and was passionate about. I had owned several companies and managed my husband’s company and knew I would never be an employee again. I wanted a mobile business so my husband and I were free to travel.

Serendipity connected me to AssistU where I learned about Virtual Assistance, which I had never heard of! I trained to become a certified Virtual Assistant and opened my own business, Works of Wonder Virtual Assistance, ten years ago. I never imagined I would become quite so tech savvy and bloom with these newfound skills! As long as I have an Internet connection, I am able to work from any location. I love what I do and who I do it with!

Our dream of learning to sail and adopting the live-aboard lifestyle has been a process of examining our lives and identifying priorities. We became debt-free; we downsized our living space; we’ve taken sailing lessons; we’ve connected with others living the dream; we learned by trial and error; we scour the Internet for boats for ‘sail’. Next step is taking the plunge!

I’d love to share the possibility of Virtual Assistance with others seeking to find the freedom and mobility being a VA creates. And if you’re already living the dream—let’s talk!



Women Who Sail