As a business owner…

Have you wondered when you stopped running your biz and your biz began running you?

Ever wonder what you’d do with an extra three to five hours each week?

Increase clients, spend time with loved ones, write that book, stick to your exercise program, or prioritize self-care?

Have you heard of virtual assistance and wondered if a VA could help?

Do you wonder if there are cutting-edge marketing tools and technologies that could help grow your biz dramatically?

The wonder is over…

Works of Wonder Virtual Assistance is ready to WOW ideal clients and provide remarkable, resourceful administrative support for their business.

I am Laura Allen and I’d like to share the WOW factor:

WOWing clients isn’t about impressing them or fanfare. To reach the WOW effect with my biz partners I provide:

  • Extraordinary customer service
  • Superior organization
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • A can-do attitude
  • Proactive work style
  • Flexibility and accountability
  • Enthusiasm about doing work I love
  • Uncompromisable standards of integrity, ethics, and excellence


My services will be available to micro-business owners and entrepreneurs who encompass my ideal client profile and are an excellent match for my practice.

My clients receive commitment and dedication found in a collaborative partnership: creativity, personal attention, and the synergistic effects of working with someone who is passionate about doing work she loves.

My resources include an insatiable curiosity, an eye for design and desktop publishing, above average internet skills, event coordination experience, creative resourcefulness, proactive problem-solving skills, and am an enthusiastic fact finder.

My ideal client is passionate about being a biz owner, creative, positive, and has a personality and work style that meshes with mine. My ideal client may be an: author, speaker, coach, photographer, artist, instructor, or parent.

My intention for creating Works of Wonder Virtual Assistance is to allow me to be of extraordinary service to others while allowing me the abundant freedom to live my passions.

What exactly is a Virtual Assistant?

AssistU definition:  “VAs are micro business owners who provide administrative and possibly personal support while working in long-term collaborative relationships with only a handful of terrific clients. Using phone, fax, email, as well as other emerging technologies, VAs support their clients’ needs, across the board, without having to ever step foot inside the clients’ offices.”

Virtual Assistant Networking Forum definition: “A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a highly-trained independent entrepreneur who provides a myriad of administrative support services via the Internet to meet the growing needs of entrepreneurs and small businesses worldwide.”

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