Sunday’s self care: me and my notebook—just the two of us in
the chilly morning curled in a patch of sunlight. I journal about whatever
comes to mind. Sometimes I list all the things I need to do just to get it out
of my head, and other times I write out what I’m upset about or my story of
what’s wrong until I can see, and deal with, what actually happened, sans
.  Journaling offers me a fresh
perspective on my life and reveals insights I’m unaware of until the words hit the
paper. Writing long hand is also more personal and natural then typing on
screen and gives me the feeling of camaraderie or a secret pal who’ll always be
there in a pinch.


Monday’s self care: I chose not to be derailed by a
transportation challenge and a change to a change in plans, plus our respite
care helper, Brin, was sick but was a trooper and came anyway. So…Jeff and I
went out to B&N and to the movies for a welcome break and alone time.