Day 6 our Verb Tribe prompt was to describe a banana and write it on the banana peel! Then we wrote on our bags how writing was like peeling a banana. This was one of my FAVS—it had great appeal!

I loooooooved writing on my banana! I am aware I want to bring that same sense of excitement, wonder, adventure to every page. To laugh out loud and say, that's so crazy—where's my banana!

I had NO idea what to write on my bag so I started here:
So the HUGE aha for me was 'how to peel a banana like a monkey' this cute YouTube video I watched a few weeks ago. How? From the other end! Why? It's so much easier 😉 I had never in my whole life even considered peeling a banana from the other end!

On my bag I wrote: "…come at it from the other end, backwards, upside down, inside out, mirror image, flipped, slipped, and dipped"
"peeling it looked like a flower blooming—an ivory tower flower with word petal leaves…it revealed the inner core of deliciousness and vulnerability that must be handled with tenderness and respect—or bitten with teeth and devoured!"
"it's a strip tease, a revelation, a hidden goodness and wholeness…perfect just as it is…"
"Oh my, peeling a banana is like writing b'cuz they both reveal works of God."

Did I really write all that!?