The 82nd Academy Awards are on March 7th and I love predicting the winners. There was a time back in the day, when I managed a United Artists movie theatre, that I was scary good at guessing the winners in the main categories.

I would create a contest with a bookstore and restaurant and the winner would receive dinner for two, movie passes, and an Oscar book. Participants had to guess the most winners for the five top categories: Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress. If we had ties they each won a prize package. 😉

In those days I had always seen every movie in the best picture category and this year I’ve only seen six out of ten! Take a peek at the Best Picture nominees to see how many you know. How do I choose between Avatar, The Blindside, and Up!? They each generated a completely different movie going experience for me. What makes a movie a ‘best picture’ for you? Meryl was delightful as Julia Childs and Sandra gave one her best performances in The Blindside—how will I pick!? And check out Best Documentary feature: Food, Inc. was nominated!

So do ya wanna play the Oscar game!? What can I offer as a prize? Something chocolate? Maybe you’ll be willing to play for the fun of it! Post your choices in comments by Saturday!
And here’s a nifty ballot for you to keep track of your picks!

Happy pickin’!